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 inkbuildingExtensive knowledge of proper: Link Building, Linking Strategy, Site Structure/Linking, Anchor Text, Inbound, Out Bound, Authority Links, Resource Auth Linking, Prominent Links, Topically Relevant, Phrase Based. I designed a complete “Mega” Website of 5000 page of original content, then structured 200 other websites to all point to the mega site by means of having not only topically relevant, and phrase matched based links, I went after virtually every phrase you could think of.  I have used almost every link building tool online Moz, TheHoth, ahrefs, Majestic, Raven Tools, with regards to finding new link opportunities by means of reverse engineering from competitor websites (taking a business biggest competitor, doing a link check as far as them being relevant, high PR and domain authority, no follow’s  etc.  Basically, stealing what their competition is doing, then doing it better, and much more. Lately Google has been looking at the creation of blogs, posts, that are topically relevant and phrase-based pages of content with that anchor text’s to your main authority website.  We used to be able to create our own blogs that link to the main site.  We can still do this as a good practice but now we also have to get more backlinks for that particular blog site to show Google, it wasn’t just created for SEO purposes.  I use  a Content “idea” tool for page names, subjects, do’s , don’t, what’s , where, when’s  Answer the Public and it’s free. Knowledge that duplicate, copying with editing, article rewriters, content spinners is NOT a great practice and considered “black hat”.  I actually check every new client’s website for that first thing. Outbound linking, every website should have an outbound link to another domain. Obviously you won’t want to link to a directory where your competitors are, or another blog that has other “plumbers” on it..  When I get stuck with this, I’ll use my ole faithful and stick a specific “fact” and link it to Wikipedia. 

When backlinking you always want to have a little of everything, and more some. If you own 2 different domains/websites and link them to each other that is what I call a symbiotic link relationship. Either way the visitor is on your website.  Many times people will be in what I call the “curious, search mode” for example I might search “how to unclog a bathroom sink” we’ll if I found article, post, video… chances I’m about a click away from finding someone to hire for that service.   And AGAIN Google IS starting to really look at these referring sites, so make sure it’s not something you build in 20 minutes…

Different websites and goals of the client also play a part a major in link building.  For your local businesses that area service based: Plumbers, Roofers, Contractors, Auto glass, Fencing, Pool Services, etc.   These type business get organic traffic, but the Maps (GMB) and is where they want to be. For Google to see your business as a local authority we need to show you in “local directories” Yelp, Facebook, EZLocal, Angieslist, Hotfrog, Twitter, YellowPages, DexKnows, and so on . More importantly we also need to have the most powerful link of all in your website.  Google Map API this links you to Google and ties into your GoogleMyBusinss Lising.  Now if you have multiple listings, addresses (virtual office or real addresses) along with city specific landing pages, you would want to add those API’s to those footer pages as well.  Now, keep in mind that Google actually crawls those directories looking for “local addresses” and gives relevancy to said addresses.    


Example Main: home is on all local business directories/citations with his address on 234 Main st

Landing Page’s a bit more challenging due to a lot of local directories will say “sorry your already listed in the directory”

Social Bookmarking Links – So because we may be limited on local directories for the landing page, we now start book marketing the Google Business Listing, and the websites URL, some original content, a few pictures that are SEO friendly Alt Text, etc..  on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Dzone, Diigo, Facebook, we hart it, biz sugar, etc. When we look into the Social Bookmarking try and keep them relevant as possible. Another tactic, (I don’t believe it holds too much weight) is to post that you we, at “Billy’s burgers” on Instagram   #Billyburgers, I do think it holds more weight when you check in at the location from your cell,  on Google, leave a review, being a Google Local Guide, and taking a picture… and saving the location as a favorite, that’s great for GMB and share that on Instagram & Facebook. 

Local Citation Building / Directory / Review sites – Most all local directories have a place to leave reviews. From an SEO stand point a review is fresh original new content, right?   Google loves content, and because it’s 3rd party generated (I believe, and testing it now) that it holds more weight than people think. Google pays a lot of attention to what the reviews say ie: keywords in content, and how YOU respond to them in Google My Business, this is where your long tail keyword responses will come into play, being careful not to keyword stuff.   

 Much like building “city specific landing pages with specific keyword rich content” which don’t sit in the main website menu but can be seen at yourwebsite/sitemap.xml .  Sitemaps are a great quick way to look at what the competitor is doing.  What cities they are targeting, where, keywords. 

-  I could keep going regarding “links” however that’s pretty “in detail” There’s tons more, however I’m sure you are just making sure I know what I’m talking about.


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